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REAL Spiritual Gangsters

Real Recognize Real


Latest Episode

Intro to Dewry Bradford. 

Dewry Bradford is the current Creative Director for the United Nations of Hip Hop and was formerly the Creative Director for Sean John, Ecko Unlimited, Steve Madden, Phat Farm and designed collections for Wu Wear, Outkast Clothing, J Lo, Russell Simmons, Nelson Mandela, Diddy, Jay Z, Jordan and many others.

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The Show

The REAL Spiritual Gangsters Podcast was created by Brian Wentzel, who's journey led him through a paradoxical blend of opposing environments. Born into the backdrop of the largest bust of organized crime in US history, the true story that the movie Casino is about... he would suddenly be ripped away from that chaos in early childhood and taken to the spiritual community of Sedona, AZ where his grandmother was the minister of the Unity Church. 

Eventually joining a gang at the age of 17, in the mid- 90's, during the height of gang warfare, he would end up spending his early adult life walking between these two opposing worlds.


Through this journey Brian developed a unique worldview that is both spiritual and grounded in the principles of honor, respect, loyalty and courage taught through gang life. 


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