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​Born into the largest bust of organized crime in US history, Brian was born into the true story that the movie Casino is about.


By 17 years old he was hanging out with gangs and just beginning his journey on "getting a PhD" in hood culture, living in the drug corridor where El Chapo's Sinaloan Cartel was trafficking in upwards of 80% of all the drugs flowing into the United States. 

Straddling between the two worlds of hood culture and finding himself spiritually, he developed a hip hop clothing brand called Guru Gear at the age of 19.


Several years later, after a series of traumatic events happened leading up to and around the time of 9/11, he would eventually go on to leave that life behind him and go on a vision quest facing all of his fears at once, his greatest one being the clash of civilizations between the Islamic world and Western Civilization. 

He documented this journey while shooting the film 30 Nights of Islam. 

After shooting 30 Nights of Islam he developed the brand Gone Green who's mission was to: create social, economic, and environmental solutions for all people worldwide. This mission would grow to include the United Nations of Hip Hop.

As a self identified Libertarian/Classical Liberal (which in todays terms translates into a modern day Libertarian Republican), Brian brings a completely fresh and different perspective to hip hop culture. On his podcast, The REAL Spiritual Gangsters, Brian seeks to bring divided people together while exploring the issues facing not only the culture, but really all of us. 


Race, politics, and religion are the focus of conversation with all of the different influencers from the culture: athletes, fashion designers, rappers, producers, content creators, media moguls, politicians, and spiritual teachers.

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