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Dewry Bradford, Creative Director of the United Nations of Hip Hop, was the former Creative Director for Sean John, Ecko Unlimited, Steve Madden, Phat Farm and designed collections for Wu Wear, Outkast Clothing, J Lo, Russell Simmons, Nelson Mandela, Diddy, Jay Z, Jordan and many others. 

His passion for hip hop culture and design spans decades. 

A local native to New York, Dewry has lived out his entire career around the pioneers of hip hop culture and has been a part of making history. 

The United Nations of Hip Hop is the next legacy of Dewry's career. As the Creative Director Dewry seeks to align with top designers from around the world that share the same passion he does for the culture, and to collaborate and create unique designs that speak to the eternal messages of hip hop while also shaping it's current narrative. 

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