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Godfather Pt.3 is a member of the Queensbridge rap group Infamous Mobb. Infamous Mobb is intimately affiliated with the platinum selling duo Mobb Deep and is the inner circle crew that group up with Havoc and Prodigy and toured the world with them through Mobb Deep's rise to super stardom in the mid 1990's. 

Godfather wrote the chorus and appeared on the track "Thug Muzik" on Mobb Deep's double platinum selling album Murda Muzik as well as writing many other songs, including the hook for the song "G.O.D, Pt. III" that appeared on Mobb Deep's 1996 album Hell on Earth

Godfather has appeared on many platinum selling projects, including Nas's QB Finest album and sold hundreds of thousands of records both as a part of the group Infamous Mobb and as a solo artist. 

Through his rise up out of the struggle, coming from the largest housing project in America (the infamous Queensbridge housing projects) Godfather, Prodigy, and a few other members transcended the street warfare of the projects to become spiritual scholars awakening to the corruption and spiritual warfare that was really taking place all over the planet and affecting everyone. 

Prodigy and Godfather both became passionate in their quest to unfold these higher truths and finally saw what was ultimately dividing and conquering everyone by: race, class, religion, and politics. 

As a multi-platinum selling artist, Prodigy went on to use his celebrity status and pave the way as one of the first and only cultural leaders to expose the "Illuminati" influence that controls the music industry and much of the world. 

After Prodigy's passing in 2017, Godfather continued to carry the torch forward for both Prodigy and the rest of their people, fulfilling their legacy as the most infamous [spiritual gangsters] to ever come from hip hop culture. 

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